Staff Augmentation

1. Focus on your Core business, We’ll Oversee the Rest!

Logic Square is here to provide on-demand skills and resources remotely, adding value to your extended team. Hire technical talent through our innovative and world-class recruiting model, taking full advantage of our Staff Augmentation Services.

2. The Right Fit can get you the Right Job done at the Right Place.

Our Staff Augmentation Services are here to revamp your team, scale your business and accelerate your gains by becoming an extension of your IT Business. We narrow the gap between demand and supply of skilled developers by our exclusive staffing business.

3. Proven Delivery

Involving adroit team players and integrating best in-class tools, techniques and technologies have enabled us to deliver successful projects in time.

4. Skilled Resources

We stand proud, shoulder-to-shoulder with our knowledge-enriched manpower who carry a relevant experience of Many years, possessing offshore, onsite and global deployment capabilities.

5. Techno Functional Expertise

Our innovative and proficient developers possess strong domain knowledge and are well-versed with the technicalities and advancements of the Technology spectrum.

6. Established Clients

We have enjoyed mutual success and growth with Fortune 1500+ enterprises, delivering perfect solutions for ERP, Analytics, Software Development, Planning, and Consolidation.