Provider Network Data Management

Our revolutionary provider data management solutions help to streamline the way you do business, resulting in enhanced data accuracy and reduced operational costs.

Logic Square ’ provider data management solutions make it easy for healthcare organizations to manage provider data so they can boost the success of strategic patient access initiatives. Our revolutionary provider data management solutions result in more accurate data and reduced operational costs. We have a vast amount of experience in provider data management initiatives for large preferred provider organization (PPO) networks and numerous third-party administrators (TPAs).

We specialize our solutions across:

  • Contracting (provider build/setup and provider maintenance)
  • Credentialing and recredentialing
  • Managing provider information on claims

Logic Square ’ team of experts review, assess, and execute a project plan for provider records, including contract and demographic information.Below is a list just a few of the processes we cover for provider maintenance/build:

  • Verifying the required data elements of each provider/group’s request’s receipt and matching these to the existing database
  • Creating new records if the provider listed in a claim is not present in the client’s database
  • Locating missing information, such as specialty and category, using the National Provider Identifier database
  • Authenticating W9 forms received from providers and making any necessary updates in our clients’ systems